When I reads a book

I feels neat and fresh

I am Emotionally to look

It cures all the illness!

Books is my best friend

Increasing reding books trend,

Many people become friends

If books are send!

Through reading books

I can learn anything,

I loves to read books

Beacuse it helps to me shining…!!


The story of a deaf frog🐸

One of two forest frogs was walking. They suddenly fall into a big hole. They cried a lot for help. Some frogs come running to help them. But the hole was really very deep. Everyone from above said,”This can not be crossed.” A frog has left the hope of hearing this. But the other frog was jumping out loud after hearing them. Again everyone said,”No way can get out of this hole.” But the frog jumped more and more about them. The more they say that the holes can not be crossed by the frogs jumping so loudly. At one stage, the frog actually came upstairs. Then all of the above said,”We have told so many times that you will not have to cross the hole, but why are you jumping?” Then the frog said that he could not hear it. So when they were saying that he (Frog) could not cross this hole, he thought they were telling him,”Jump futher, jump further.”

“An inspiratory experiment of a teacher”

One day a teacher made a blank paper🗒and gave the title ‘I can not’ to all his students! He said,”Write all the things you can not do on the page”. Then they all started to write all the things they could not do. Some students write that they can not swim, some cannot run long, some can not read long enough etc. When all the students finished writing, the teacher collected the papers from everyone. Then the teacher inserted all those papers into a large thick box and said,”Come on, come out with me now”. Everyone came back from behind the taecher. After coming out the teacher made a hole in the ground and put the box inside and dusted the soil. Then he looked at everyone and said,”Everything that you could not do was crushed. That’s all that ended, you could not. Now you can do everything”.

Then the students understood their teacher’s experiment. They did not lose their inspiration during any work in life. Whenever doing anything they remembered the experiment of the teacher. And they were encouraged to think that they could really do anything. Because all the things that can not be done are buried.

Declaration of Independence of the Father of the Nation📃

Although we have read the declaration of independence of Bangabandhu from various historical books📚, people of different countries of the world do not yet know about this declaration. So I am posting📤 the declaration of independence on this blog site!

This announcement🎙will be held on March 25th in the middle of the night🌒, or on the first morning🌞of the 26th March. The most interesting thing is that he made the annoncement in English so that the whole world could understsnd. The announcement is:

“On behalf of our great national leader, supreme commander of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman do hereby proclaim the independence of Bangladesh. It is further proclaimed that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is soul leader of elected representatives of 75 million people of Bangladesh. I therefore appeal on behalf of our great leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to the government of all democratic countries of the world specially big world part and neighboring countries to take effective steps to stop immediately. The aweful genocide that has been carried on by the army of occupation from Pakistan. The legally elected representatives of the majority of the people as repressionist, it is cruel joke and contradiction in terms which should be fool none. The guiding principle of a new step will be first neutrality, second peace and third friendship to all and anonymity to none”.

-May Allah help us, Jai Bangla.

It is the most important to all that knowing and showing respect to the National declaration of independece of Bangladesh🇧🇩.

Historical 25th & 26th March🇧🇩

In the historical of Pakistan, there was a horrific incident like the dark night on 25th March. Father of our nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bengali.

The announcement🎙of Bangabandhu was made to prevent resistance in different districts of the country. The beginning of an unequal fight against the Bengali army, the Bengali police, the Ansar and the common people, which is known as the great liberation war in the history of Bangladesh. The declaration of independence is preached through the transmitter, telegram and teleprinter of all EPRs in East pakistan(Bangladesh). The independence of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the support and participation of Bengali millitary, paramilitary and civilian forces, revolves around independence. The declaration of independence of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the history of Bengal has contributed most to the liberation war.

On that night💣

On that night

Pakistani occupation forces did the fight

They jammed on the innocent😐people turn off lights.

Many people were asleep😪

The occupation forces attacked them the night of very deep

The innocent people could not think about it.

It’s that dark night

When Bengalis had no idea about the black night

Although many people have been martyred in this dark night🌑.

“Dark night’s shocking sadness”

Every nation of the world is aware of the ‘dark night’ on 25th March. No one is unaware of the horrors of the ruthless massacre of Pakistan on this day.

In the history of the world it is known as the great ‘dark night’. Many of us have read the book, the same massacre that the Pakistanis did. But in reality, many people do not understand the world. It is not a small matter to leave such a big man as innocent people. The wailing of the unarmed Bengalis is still dirty in Bengal’s history. It’s never forgetting.

Bangladesh is the only country which fought for its own language. That is why Bangladesh has been rendered as independent sovereign in the world. On 25th March, countless people are still heard lamenting. Every year, this day is celebrated with great pride in the whole country . The more we remember this day, the more abundant mercy our heart are filled with. On this night, many innocent people of Bengal were martyred in the hands of the Pakistanis. This dark night will remain on the pages of history till the end of the world.